Francesco Cicone: ESR-13

Institution: CHUV

Nationality: Italian

As a Nuclear Medicine specialist attached to the University Hospital of Lausanne (CH), I will be the end-user of the radio-immunoconjugates synthesized within the frame of the MEDICIS-PROMED with the aim of imaging and treating cancer. In particular, I will perform preliminary in vitro and in vivo tests on mouse models, hopefully driving a successful translation into patient clinic.  

Post no.

ESR 13 (CH2)


36 months (Starting date October 2015)

Work package

WP3, D3.CH1: Preclinical Imaging and Animal Models – Clinical Translation on ovarian cancer.

Recruiting partner

CHUV , Switzerland

Type of Position

Early Stage Researcher / PhD Positions

A mobility rule applies to this position. The respective candidate must not have worked for more than 12 months in Switzerland within the last three years. Furthermore, the candidate needs to be in his/her first four years of his/her research career. The four years are counted from the date a degree was obtained which formally entitles to embark on a doctorate. 

Short Description

The ESR will be in charge of performing the translation from a successful preclinical model for diagnosis to a first study in humans, firstly from a diagnostic point of view, and secondarily, as a preclinical therapeutic radioimmunotherapy and then, if feasible into a therapy in humans; The supervisor will train him performing molecular biology and preclinical antibody research on ovarian cancer in mice. At CHUV, preclinical imaging will be done in nuclear medicine with μPET/SPECT/CT, and for clinical trials, PET/CT and SPECT/CT clinical scanners and radiation shielded beds for clinical therapy. The work will be performed at the University hospital of Lausanne.

Expertise in life sciences with strong motivation to be involved in the development of biomedical applications. The candidate would ideally have experience in nuclear medicine. Furthermore, candidates that have some experience (or at least a strong interest) in cell biology will be favoured

According to the Marie Sklodowska-Curie ITN rules: about 4200 CHF/month including mobility allowance or 4700CHF/month including mobility and family allowance (registered partner and/or child).

Enrolment for PhD at

University of Lausanne, Switzerland


Prof. John Prior

Tel: + 41 21 314 43 48

Planned secondment(s)

EPFL, Switzerland – 3 months – Tests on pancreatic cancer in mice