Theranostics of 149Tb-labelled antibodies against cancer.

Development of 149Tb and 152Tb production from ISOL targets and its subsequent preclinical and clinical evaluation.

A Tb-155 labeled nanoparticle platform for imaging-guided drug development.

Clickable Terbium Complexes for Radioimmuno-Imaging & Therapy.

155/161Tb-labeled peptides towards the estrogen receptor for breast cancer theranostics.

  • MED-006, KU Leuven (Belgium) - COMPLETED

MEDICIS-Promed contest.

  • MED-007, KU Leuven (Belgium) - COMPLETED

Carbon release study from BN.

Development of CXCR4-target agents for molecular radiotherapy with 67Cu.

Study of lung tumours by using theragnostics with radioactive isotopes of Terbium.

  • MED-010, ARRONAX (France) - COMPLETED

Laser ionization yield enhancement of external targets radionuclides production at CERN-MEDICIS.

  • MED-011, ARRONAX (France) - COMPLETED

Very high specific activity Er-169 production at MEDICIS from external ILL target.

Large production of Scandium and Terbium at very high specific activity for theranostics applications: combining cyclotron production with off-line mass separation.

Towards simultaneous MRI-SPECT (gamma-MRI) using highly-polarized gamma-emitting nuclei.

Labeling of heat-sensitive biomolecules with terbium radionuclides for imaging and treatment of (micro)metastatic CEA-positive colorectal cancer: selecting the optimal match between chelator and radiometal.

44Sc production with 18 MeV cyclotron and study of scandium-labeled peptide based ligands for clinical use.

Theranostic radiolabeled nanoparticles for ovarian cancer by folate receptor targeting.

167Tm production at MEDICIS from external PSI target.

No-carrier-added 169Er production at MEDICIS from target irradiated at ILL.

No-carrier-added 175Yb production at MEDICIS from external ILL target.

  • MED-020, KU Leuven (Belgium) - COMPLETED

Tb-IRMA-V: Terbium ISOL Radioisotopes for Medical Applications in Flanders.

155/161Tb-labeled radioconjugates for cancer therapy with Auger electrons.

Non-invasive imaging of radioactive platinum chemotherapeutics for patient stratification.

Imaging of iron metabolism.

Mass separation of 225Ac from 227Ac and from irradiated Th target to support Targeted Alpha Therapy.

  • MED-025, KU Leuven (Belgium) - COMPLETED

Mass separation for the production of high specific activity Samarium-153 for targeted radionuclide therapy.

Strengthening theranostics or radionuclide therapy in Pakistan.

Study of the Ba-128/Cs-128 in vivo generator in a preclinical model of osteosarcoma.

Preclinical study of the PSMA-I&T tracer radiolabeled with the in vivo generator 134Ce/134La in a prostate cancer model.

Targeted Alpha Therapy in Belgium: qualifying the Ac-225 pipeline.

Theranostics studies unsing 152/149-Tb-labeled anti-CXCR4 probes in tumor mice.

PRISMAP – The European medical radionuclide programme: CERN-MEDICIS contribution.

Dual Tumor Targeting Based on a pH Sensitive Peptide Platform

Determination of 227Ac impurity in 225Ac using alpha spectrometry

  • MED-035, CHUV / Heidelberg Univ. Hosp. (CH/DE)

153Sm-FAPI-46 Radioligand Therapy with High-Molar Activity 153Sm

Clinical and Pre-clinical Evaluation of Theranostic Pair (Terbium-161 and Terbium-155) for Imaging and Radionuclide Targeted Therapy of Tumors

AlphaMET (Metrology for Emerging Targeted Alpha Therapies)