Theranostics of 149Tb-labelled antibodies against cancer.

Development of 149Tb and 152Tb production from ISOL targets and its subsequent preclinical and clinical evaluation.

A Tb-155 labeled nanoparticle platform for imaging-guided drug development.

Clickable Terbium Complexes for Radioimmuno-Imaging & Therapy.

155/161Tb-labeled peptides towards the estrogen receptor for breast cancer theranostics.

  • MED-006, KU Leuven (Belgium) - COMPLETED

MEDICIS-Promed contest.

  • MED-007, KU Leuven (Belgium) - COMPLETED

Carbon release study from BN.

Development of CXCR4-target agents for molecular radiotherapy with 67Cu.

Study of lung tumours by using theragnostics with radioactive isotopes of Terbium.

  • MED-010, ARRONAX (France) - COMPLETED

Laser ionization yield enhancement of external targets radionuclides production at CERN-MEDICIS.

  • MED-011, ARRONAX (France) - COMPLETED

Very high specific activity Er-169 production at MEDICIS from external ILL target.

Large production of Scandium and Terbium at very high specific activity for theranostics applications: combining cyclotron production with off-line mass separation.

Towards simultaneous MRI-SPECT (gamma-MRI) using highly-polarized gamma-emitting nuclei.

Labeling of heat-sensitive biomolecules with terbium radionuclides for imaging and treatment of (micro)metastatic CEA-positive colorectal cancer: selecting the optimal match between chelator and radiometal.

44Sc production with 18 MeV cyclotron and study of scandium-labeled peptide based ligands for clinical use.

Theranostic radiolabeled nanoparticles for ovarian cancer by folate receptor targeting.

167Tm production at MEDICIS from external PSI target.

No-carrier-added 169Er production at MEDICIS from target irradiated at ILL.

No-carrier-added 175Yb production at MEDICIS from external ILL target.

Tb-IRMA-V: Terbium ISOL Radioisotopes for Medical Applications in Flanders.

155/161Tb-labeled radioconjugates for cancer therapy with Auger electrons.

Non-invasive imaging of radioactive platinum chemotherapeutics for patient stratification.

Imaging of iron metabolism.

Mass separation of 225Ac from 227Ac and from irradiated Th target to support Targeted Alpha Therapy.

Mass separation for the production of high specific activity Samarium-153 for targeted radionuclide therapy.

Strengthening theranostics or radionuclide therapy in Pakistan.

Study of the Ba-128/Cs-128 in vivo generator in a preclinical model of osteosarcoma.

Preclinical study of the PSMA-I&T tracer radiolabeled with the in vivo generator 134Ce/134La in a prostate cancer model.

Targeted Alpha Therapy in Belgium: qualifying the Ac-225 pipeline.

Theranostics studies unsing 152/149-Tb-labeled anti-CXCR4 probes in tumor mice.

  • MED-032, CERN (IO)

PRISMAP – The European medical radionuclide programme: CERN-MEDICIS contribution.