ESR1 @CERN(CH) Isotope molecule break-up in RFQ 

ESR2 @CERN(CH) Facility development and safety 
ESR3 @CERN(CH) Fast injection & charge breeding of isotope beams 

ESR4 @Graphene Nat'l Inst(UK) Graphene coating on foil isotope prod target 
ESR5 @Mainz univ(DE) Laser Ion Source for isotope beam purification 
ESR6 @Advanced Accelerator Application(FR) Mass separation for isotopes produced at cyclotron

ESR7 @Instituto Sup Tecnico(PT) Uranium nanofiber isotope prod targets 
ESR8 @Instituto Sup Tecnico(PT) Radiopharmaceutical for DNA targeting 
ESR9 @CNAO(IT) 11C PET Aided hadron therapy 

ESR10 @Lemer Pax(FR) Container technology for isotope dispatching 
ESR11 @Kat Univ Leuven(BE) Mass separated molecular beams 

In addition to the above posts funded by the European Commission several positions are kindly being funded by the Swiss Confederation:
ESR12 (CH1)@Faculty of Medicine, (CH) Ovarian cancer bimodal imaging 

ESR13 (CH2)@Lausanne University Hospital(CH) Radioimmunotherapy and imaging of ovarian cancer 

ESR14 (CH3)@Faculty of Medicine, Geneva (CH) Radioimmunotherapy and imaging of brain cancer 

ESR15 (CH4)@Swiss Fed Inst Tech Lausanne EPFL (CH) Bimodal Radiopharmaceutical synthesis for ovarian cancer