KyungDoi Choi: ESR-9

Institute: CNAO 

Nationality: Korean

Working field: Beta+ emitters hadrontherapy

It is a innovative challenge in particle therapy. The project will focus on developing a 11C-based treatment planning (TP) for physical and biological calculations. The TP will be based on the Monte Carlo code FLUKA. After an initial phase of pre-clinical studies, such as physical database generation and spread-out Bragg peak simulations. We will focus our project on comparing 11C ion plans and 12C ion plans in the CNAO clinical-like settings. 

Post no.



36 months

Work package

WP2, D2.3: Personalized 11Carbon PET aided hadron therapy

Recruiting partner

CNAO, Italy


To adapt the treatment plan according to PET response halfway through the course of hadron therapy, to investigate hypoxia tracers, fluorinated aminoacides or DNA synthesis markers and to validate PET for early response assessment.

Expected results

Select most suitable PET tracers for adaptive hadron therapy and early response evaluation. New tracers will be investigated including hypoxia tracer (a non exhaustive list is: 18F-MISO, 18F-FAZA, 62Cu-ATSM) other fluorinated aminoacids (18F-FET, 18F-FACBC, etc.) or DNA synthesis markers (18-fluorothymidine). The tools developed for FLUKA will be verified at CNAO in a clinical scenario. Comparisons with the standard 12C treatment plans will be studied in terms of dose, biological effect and ß+-emitters distributions

Enrolment for PhD at

University of Pavia, Italy

Planned secondment(s)

CERN, Switzerland – 3 months – Monte-Carlo Fluka simulations on 11C ion implantation profile modelling

HUG, Switzerland – 3 months – PET imaging on small animals at the Institute of Translational Molecular Imaging (ITMI)