Sanjib Chowdhury: ESR-7

Institute: IST Portugal 

Nationality: Indian

I will be responsible for developing and preparing UCx nanofiber targets by electrospinning and characterize them with XRD, SEM, BET etc, under the supervision of Professor António Pereira Gonçalves. The objective is to develop a better spallation target material, with increased stability and good release properties of isotopes, under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network of the Horizon 2020 EU program. It will be fundamental to gain some knowledge and instruction before dealing with nanofibers and treat them to develop as target materials. Ideally, I would be passionate for the job and will have the ability to reach out to other researchers and scientists and create a relationship of mutual respect and trust. The goal is to obtain excellent target materials and be a dedicated ally in the entire process of research and development of nuclear medicine in cancer treatments.

Post no.



36 months

Work package

WP1, D1.2: Uranium Carbide nanofibers targets for increased stability and extraction yield of alpha-emitting radioisotopes

Recruiting partner

Instituto Superior Técnico Lisbon, Portugal


Improve the release properties, hence the yield efficiency, of the classical uranium carbide targets, by changing the method of production and the final microstructure.

Expected results

Nanofibers are expected to improve both the stability of the target materials and isotope release properties of key radioisotopes, such as heavy alpha emitters such as 211At, 212Bi, and eventually some volatile radiolanthanides. The nanofibers will be produced by electrospinning, changing the precursors, the spinning conditions. The final material will be characterized with XRD, SEM, BET, etc.

Enrolment for PhD at

Instituto Superior Técnico Lisbon, Portugal

Planned secondment(s)

ARRONAX, France – 3 months – design of a 47Sc production target for cyclotron

Advanced Accelerator Applications, France – 3 months – test production of 47Sc at industrial cyclotron units