Maddalena Maietta: ESR-10

Institution: Lemer Pax

Nationality: Italian

Working field: New shielded packaging container for future nuclear medicine isotopes produced at the CERN-MEDICIS facility.

In order to transport the isotopes produced at the CERN-MEDICIS facility to different Research Institute or Laboratories, a new shielded container has to be developed. Indeed, the Activity threshold for the non-conventional isotopes transport given by the current European regulation is lower than the classical Activity needed for human injection. A safety transport has to be made using a ‘type B’ container. A system aiming to directly collect the isotopes coming from the MEDICIS mass separator into the shipping container will be designed. Part of this project is also the study of the mass separation and the definition of the best production parameters of some interesting isotopes for nuclear medicine research, in particular At-211 and Sc-47.

Post no.

ESR 10


36 months

Work package

WP1, D1.4: New shielded packaging container for nuclear medicine isotopes

Recruiting partner

Lemer Pax, France


Develop a new type B certified shipping container dedicated to transport new isotopes issued from CERN-MEDICIS project and work on mass separation process for new isotopes production.

Expected results

The student will work on mass separation as well as on the design of a new type B container to accommodate these isotopes. • Identification of the typical isotopes (149,152,155,161Tb, 177Lu, 47, 48,49Sc, etc.) produced by the mass separation process • Participation to the data collection in ISOLDE / MEDICIS experiments • Study of off-line mass separation process for alpha emitter 210/211At produced with an alpha beam • Study of the European regulation for the safe transport of radioactive material (IAEA SSR-6) and identification of shipment threshold activities for the identified isotopes • Radioprotection study and calculation of protection thickness through Monte-Carlo simulations • Study of an innovative system aiming to directly transfer the isotopes from the MEDICIS mass separator into the shipping container • Design of prototype including thermal and Mechanical resistance studies • Preparation of type B homologation dossier

Enrolment for PhD at

SUBATECH Nantes, France

Planned secondment(s)

ILL, France – 3 months – Dr U. Koester, validation of principle

CERN – 3 months – Dr J. Vollaire (Radiation Protection), Monte-Carlo simulations

Deadline for applications is midnight (Geneva time) 2nd August 2015. Apply here